Our Services

Welcoming Community

We pride ourselves on our welcoming community. CrossFit Gladstone has been the heart of developing many friendships as it brings a number of like minded people together. 

Structured Program

We provide a structured program that is constantly varied with the intent to improve strength, tone bodies, lose weight and develop cardio fitness. 

Weightlifting Classes

A great class to participate in as we develop your technique and fine tune your movement patterns in more depth. You will have a much better understanding of all weightlifting movements which can result in minimising any injuries. 

CrossFit Classes & Childminding Services

Our CrossFit class allows our clients to improve their overall fitness and is a great way to achieve any type of fitness goal due to the wide variety throughout our program. We also provide Childminding at the 9:30am-10:30am CrossFit Class (Monday-Friday) for all the parents that want to have a bit of 'ME' time. 

Nutrition Advice

We also provide nutritional advice for any of our members as nutrition is the best source of recovery and is the key to improve your health and wellbeing. 

Social Events

We are not only a fitness gym with memberships we are a community that loves to workout and improve our fitness. We have outings and do charity events that get the whole CrossFit Gladstone community involved and having fun. We have created career opportunities as well as life long friendships and we are proud to be apart of CrossFit Gladstone.